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So I was just thinking about this one time that I went to the goodwill with my mom and she was so upset that she had to pay $3 for a shirt. I was utterly confused because she would have spent $15 on a shirt at a retail store with no hesitation. She explained that because it was the “Goodwill”, the shirt should have been $1. So clearly, she thought that she was splurging on this $3 shirt. Mom, CUT IT OUT!!Β It’s true though, sometimes things at the Goodwill or thrift stores are priced more expensive than you would want to pay. I have definitely been a victim of “splurging” on an item at the Goodwill, but it was totally worth it.Β Here are some items that are definitely worth the extra money when thrifting!

Furniture: Couches, dining room tables, bedroom frames and even bookshelves! It’s all at thrift stores. You can literally furnish your home for a lower price than buying everything new. Not to mention, Target donates all clearance items to the Goodwill and yes that includes furniture. Considering these items are new, they are more expensive but still cheaper than what you would pay at Target.

Jewelry: Just like everyone else, I love a good statement necklace. Purchasing one from the thrift store is worth it for many reasons. The pieces purchased are always unique and different and because it’s purchased at a thrift store, I know that not many people will have it. I found the perfect turquoise ring at the Antique Mall for $25 ad it was worth every penny. I have to admit, I hesitated about purchasing it because the price was higher than what I would normally pay, but I’m glad I followed through.

Purses: Looking for a vintage purse? No better place to find it than a thrift store. Dooney & Bourke is my favorite vintage purse and I have found 3 that I absolutely love. For the most part purses at the Goodwill are $3, unless it’s an expensive brand or has been donated from Target. I have way too many thrifted purses, I’ll blog about them one day. I’m on the search for a vintage Chanel purse so keep your eyes open for me.

Today I’m sharing with you guys a thrifted outfit that I “splurged” on. You guys have already been introduced to my favorite booties. These were waiting for me on the rack so I had to grab them up, even if I did end up spending $14.99 for them. These shoes are a staple to so many of my outfits and best of all they are comfortable. I mean, when I don’t have to walk around all day lol. The necklace I am wearing is becoming one of my favorites. It is so versatile and can be paired with anything. Nothing like purchasing your items and then seeing something right as you are about to leave. Yep as soon as this necklace caught my eye, I knew I was headed back in line to purchase it. Glad I saw it before I headed out. Usually, necklaces are no more than $5, but this necklace was 6.99 and was still in the original packing. Last but not least, this Victoria Secret Bookbag purse was definitely worth the splurge. It was new with the tags on, so I know that it was originally $85. The Goodwill was selling it for $20, but because the cashier told me it was $15, they had to honor the price. Major Thanks to the cashier for not knowing what he was talking about!! (hee hee)

So as you guys can see, even when you spending a little extra on an item when thriftig, you still come out cheaper than purchasing from a retail store.I know I’ve asked this before, but seriously why aren’t you guys thrift shopping again? So many perks besides the price.





Blue Jean dress/ Goodwill/ Β $5.00

Mossimo Booties/ Goodwill/ $14.99

Target Statement Necklace/ Goodwill/ $6.99

Victoria Secret Book Bag Purse/ Goodwill/ $15.00

Thanks for Reading, Mo

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  1. Angelique · January 14, 2017 Angelique

    Love the whole outfit. Did you shop for other ppl

  2. Jarett · January 15, 2017 Jarett

    Good question… I am about to start!

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