My Top 4 Natural Hairstyles

Hey Everyone,

So I recently celebrated my 4 year Nappaversary! Seems like it has been longer than 4 years. I’ve definitely decided that I am a lifer as far as this natural hair thing goes. I couldn’t imagine going back to relaxers (never thought I’d say that). I mean, I was totally against natural hair at first. I was “that girl” that didn’t think natural hair would suit me. One day I saw a tapered fro and decided I wanted to go natural. It only took a haircut goal for me to join the movement. I would love to say I went natural for legitimate reasons, but to be honest I didn’t. I’m glad I made the choice because I love my hair more than ever. In my 4 years of being natural, I have learned how to work with my texture, what products work best for my hair and what styles work best with my texture. Sometimes I get bored with my hair so I try different styles to keep me interested. Considering it’s my 4 year Nappaversary, it’s only right that I shareΒ my Top 4 Natural Hairstyles.

1.The Infamous Puff: This is by far the laziest hairstyle ever and my “go to” when I don’t want to do my hair. The secret to making your puff look huge is picking it out from the root. My puff usually presents itself after the 4th day of a twistout. By then, I’m over twisting my hair every night and my twistout is losing its umph.



2. Two Flat Twist: Whenever I need an arm workout this is the style I attempt. Literally has me running around the house in agony because it hurts my arms. My hair is really thick so trying to put it in 2 big twist takes a lot of work. I love the finishing product though. It makes me feel a little put together and organized which if you know me…. you know that’s not the life I live.

3. Twistout: I’m not really a fan of wearing my fro unmanipulated so any time I have my fro out, it’s typically a twistout. I really like defined twist and have found the perfect technique to get my hair exactly how I like it. I found out that I get the best results when I do dry twist and then spritz them with water when I’m finished. Most people think I’m crazy because I twist my hair nightly, but I don’t think they understand what I would look like if I didn’t lol. I have extreme shrinkage and if I don’t twist at night, my hair would shrink and look matted. No way I’m going anywhere looking like that!


4. Mini Twist: Not gonna lie,,… I was really nervous about doing mini twist. I just didn’t want to put so much time in it and hate my hair. Turns out I loved it!. I kept the style in for a month and it was easy to maintain. I learned that the best way to keep them stretched was banding nightly. If I wanted them to be crinkled, I would do about 7 big twist and band them. After week two, I decided to retwist to make them look fresh. Definitely a style I will be revisiting!

Thanks for Reading, Mo!


Hey everyone, I'm Monique!!!

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