New Year/ New Allowance (January Thrift Haul)

Hey Everyone,

For the longest I have been trying to determine if I should give myself an allowance for thrift shopping. I mean, I can get a little carried away at times. I have decided that $25/month will be a good start. Guys, depending on how you shop you could get a lot of items for this price. I have tried an allowance before for 6 months and I did very well with following it. So now we know that I can stick to a budget, but why is it so hard when it comes to everyday expenses, lol. It also forced me to actually think about the items I was buying and if it was a necessity for my wardrobe.  One thing I would suggest to new thrift shoppers is to think of at least 3 different ways you can style an item before you buy it. This has helped me weed out pieces that I am not so sure about, especially during the time I was on an allowance.

Today I’m sharing my January Thrift Haul. Can you guess what my favorite item is? That’s right, the Golden Girls T-Shirt. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, but I love this shirt. Not only is the color amazing but it says “Stay Golden”. Sounds like a good motto to live by! I also found this cute bucket purse, which happens to be my favorite style of purse. I wasn’t sure about it at first because it’s white, but decided it would be perfect for the spring. Sometimes, I go thrifting with a motive or an item in mind. I wasn’t looking for that purse but I was on the hunt for brown lace up boots. My friends always say, I find exactly what I am looking for when I thrift. These boots are “old school”, but I think that’s what I love about them the most. Also I really like block heels because they are easy to walk in. Although I was looking for flat boots, I decided that I couldn’t pass these up. The other items that I purchased are great basics for my wardrobe!  All items from this haul were purchased at Goodwill!

*Thrifty tip: Goodwill Stores usually have 50% of a certain barb color on Sunday!


Golden Girl T-Shirt/ $2.50

Old Navy Plaid Button-up/ $3.50

Mossimo Black T-Shirt/ $1.04

Vera Wang Gray T-Shirt/ $1.25

Xhilaration Brown Crop Sweater/ $2.99

Merona Tights/ $.99 each

Bucket Purse/ $3.50

Lace- up Boots/ $3.50

January Total: 20.26

Thanks for Reading, Mo



Hey everyone, I'm Monique!!!


  1. Kacie · February 4, 2017 Kacie

    You got all that for $20!?! Impressed

  2. Jarett · February 4, 2017 Jarett

    $20.00 say what???? Thats amazing!

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