Happy National Thrift Shop Day

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If you thought I was excited about National Donut Day, you can only imagine my excitement for National Thrift Shop Day. I have no clue who comes up with these random national celebration days but I am enjoying them.

I decided that today would be a good day to drop in and tell you guys about the deals of the day. So Savers is having a .99 cent T-Shirt sale. I’m thinking that I will probably try to stop by and check out the selection of T-shirts! Thrift stores are always the best place to find vintage T-Shirts. I really like the versatility a T-Shirt gives. I feel that they can be dressed up or dressed down. So considering that T-Shirts are on sale for .99 cent, this would be the perfect time to get them.

Red Racks is also having a sale for the entire week. They will have different tags on sale throughout the week so definitely check with them to get deals on clothes. Also considering that you guys should now be shopping for fall/ winter attire, now is a good time to catch those items on sale. I decided this past week that I was done with shopping for summer items. I have now began to dip into the cardigan and long sleeve shirt section at the Goodwill. Lately I have found some really good deals. Speaking of the Goodwill, I’m sure that they will probably have a certain tag color on sale today so be on the lookout.

Well it’s only right that I share with you guys some of my favorite T-Shirt finds from the Thrift Store!






Baseball tee/ Goodwill/ $3.00

Faux Leather Skirt/ Khols/ $10.00

Mossimo Block Heel Sandals/ Goodwill/ $7.99

2015-04-11 08.20.32


2015-04-11 08.21.01 (2)

Target Micky Mouse Tee/ Goodwill/ $2.99

Cargo Khaki Jacket Savers/ $6.99

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans/ Old Navy/ $8.49


Blue Jean Jacket/ Khols/ $25.00

Bears Tee/ Goodwill/ $2.99

Cargo Pants/ New York and Company/ Gifted


Target Tee/ Goodwill/ $3.99

Midi Stripe Skirt/ Goodwill/ $3.00

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