I got a secret…. and I’m sharing it!!

Hey Everyone,

Okay so now that I have your attention, you guys are going to think I’m ridiculous when I share this secret. So remember when I said I shop in every area of the thrift store, I really meant it! So with that being said, I’ll go ahead and let you in on the secret: I shop the maternity section. Before you guys even start, there’s no baby, but should that stop me from wearing a cute maternity dress. I think NOT! If it makes things any better, I only buy maternity dresses, not pants. Although, would that be so bad…. I mean elastic in the waist is a win!! The goodwill usually has maternity dresses from Target; however, this one came from Old Navy.Β Β The best thing about it, is the elastic in the stomach area lol!

Stripes are my favorite so how could I pass up this dress. Oh yeah, I’ll let you in on another secret of mine: How to get away with wearing a bodycon dress to work. That’s right, there’s a way to make those bodycons look professional, lol. My secret: Just add layers and no one suspects a thing. Some of you may be wondering, why does one have to disguise wearing a bodycon. If this is you…. you, my friend, are body privileged and probably could get away with wearing anything to work. Some of us aren’t so lucky (catch my thrift.. I mean drift). Anyway, I decided to pair this dress with a long black vest and leopard loafers. I really like mix printing and knew that the loafers would work because the color scheme was the same as the dress. Of course, I had to layer this dress so I decided the vest was perfect. This vest can be styled in so many ways and it happened to be trending when I bought it. Finding a trending item at the thrift store is super exciting because I’m not paying the “trending price”. Fashion definitely repeats itself, so when things start trending…. I head to the thrift store first!

So now that you guys know all of my secrets, go buy maternity dresses and wear those inappropriate dresses to work… the right way!




Old Navy maternity dress/ Goodwill/ $5.00

Long Black Vest/ Goodwill/ $4.50

Merona Leopard Loafers/ Goodwill/ $6.00

Red Purse/ Goodwill/ $3.00

Necklace/ H&M/ $5.00

Thanks for reading, Mo


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  1. Kacie · April 24, 2017 Kacie

    Too cute!! Thanks for the tips!

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