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Hello Everyone,

So for the month of November, I decided to try some new things out. In the beginning of the month, I felt overwhelmed because I decided to implement four changes at once. Today, I’m not feeling overwhelmed about any of the changes, just lazy. Now I got you guys wondering what I changed, well here ya go noseys lol.

  • No Snooze Button: I was reading an article that stated that people that press the snooze button are less productive throughout the day. I have to admit, I’m a victim of pressing the snooze button more than once every morning. I decided that I would get up when my alarm goes off without pressing the snooze at all. This will make for a more productive “Mo”. I mean maybe it’s working, I am writing a blog post now… and you all know how lazy I can get.
  • Yoga: That’s right you can’t get me in the gym, but you could possibly get me in a yoga class. I like the calmness that yoga brings and it provides a way for me to be active. I finally stopped procrastinating and signed up for a yoga class.
  • Thrift Fast: A thrift buddy and I decided that we would limit our thrifting for the month by only going on Veteran’s Day. What’s the saying, you never miss a good thing until it’s gone. It’s not even the middle of the month and I’ve already been struggling.
  • Along with my thrift fast, I also decided to do a “Shop My Closet Challenge”. I feel like combining this with no thrifting was the perfect combo. I don’t know about you guys, but I have my favorites and I keep them in rotation. This prevents me from wearing the many clothes that I buy. This is a 30 day challenge and each day consist of a different theme. Doing this challenge is allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and think of new and creative ways to wear my clothes.

Today’s outfit was inspired by the “Shop My Closet Challenge”. The theme of the day was to wear something daring or exciting. I decided to do a bit of mix printing with stripes and leopard, which was perfect because my sweater says cool cat! I like that this outfit is simple with just a touch of edginess.

I’m looking forward to completing the challenge and implementing some new things in my life. I’ll keep you guys updated with my progress!

Thanks for reading, Mo

2015-11-07 21.16.29 (2) 2015-11-07 21.17.23 (2) 2015-11-07 21.30.50 (2) 2015-11-07 21.32.26 (2)

2015-11-07 21.42.26 - Copy (2)

Cool Cat Sweatshirt/ Goodwill $3.00

Merona Skirt/ Goodwill $3.99

Mossimo Booties/ Goodwill $14.99

Liz Claiborne Bucket Purse/ Savers $4.80



Hey everyone, I'm Monique!!!


  1. nene · November 10, 2015 nene

    Oh I am loving this blog! Keep em coming Mo!

  2. CassC · November 12, 2015 CassC

    PATTI!!!! LOVE IT FRIEND! Love the pics and let me know how that no snooze button work for you!

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