Buh-Bye 2015, Hello 2016!!!

Hello Everyone,

The New Year is approaching fast and let me be the first to say that I had an Amazing 2015. I’ve already completed my vision board for 2016 and I am ready to tackle my new goals. With that being said, I realized that I never updated you guys about the mini goal list from last month. So here’s a recap of my mini goals for November.

  • No Snooze Button: Guys I can not tell a lie, this was the goal that was the hardest for me. It’s not that I love sleep so much that I can’t get myself up, it simply has to do with being comfortable in the bed. There were several times that I pressed that snooze button and just sat in the bed and played on social media before getting up. I started the month strong by getting up at the alarm, but I noticed by the middle of the month I was back to my old habits. This is a goal that I will continue to work on, I just have to push myself a little more.
  • Yoga: Yes, I started my yoga class. It was definitely one of the best decisions for me. Each time I left the class feeling refreshed and motivated. I haven’t been in a couple of weeks and I am definitely missing it. Getting a class pass is in the near future. I would encourage everyone to try yoga at least once before ruling it out. Some of the positions are hard and you’ll find yourself breaking a sweat, but it’s all worth it.
  • Thrift Fast: Can you guys believe I went a whole month and only went thrift shopping one time, yeah me neither lol. There were some weak moments but I overcame them. It was really helpful to complete this fast with a friend because we were able to keep each other encouraged and we finished strong. I had an amazing haul on Veteran’s Day, which made the wait well worth it. (only went over my budget by $3)
  • Shop My Closet Challenge: This was so fun and allowed me to wear items in my closet that were collecting dust. I am without a doubt a repeat offender. I have the same items in rotation because it’s easier. I was able to explore my closet and match pieces that I normally would not group together. I will be doing another shop my closet challenge in the future.

As the new year begins, I want to continue to push myself to think outside of the box and get uncomfortable. I hear it’s the best way to grow!! With that being said, I hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater, Christmas Sock Exchange, Vision Board Party. That was a mouthful! So my friend saw a post about a Christmas sock exchange and thought that we should try it at the party. Everyone brought Christmas socks stuffed with little odds and ends, we drew numbers and picked the socks that we were most attracted to. We then took turns and “unwrapped” our gift. My favorite part of our Christmas get-togethers are the vision boards. I’m a pretty artsy person, so this is right up my alley. In addition, I like that my friends and I are able to discuss our future goals with one another. We also decided that it may be a good idea for us to revisit our vision boards in 6 months so that we can assure that we are following through with our goals.

So, what kind of goals are you guys planning for 2016? Feel free to share them and we can all keep each other accountable!

Thanks for Reading, Mo

Snapchat-1115513432174252469 (2)

So funny story about this sweater. I bought it about a year ago at Walmart but ended up taking it back to the store because it was too small. Well guess what, I found it in the Goodwill with the tags still on about 2 months ago!

Selfie Santa Sweater/ Goodwill/ $3.00

Christmas Tree Brooches/ Goodwill $1.00 each

Chain Link Necklace/ Goodwill/ 9.99

20151219_203235 (2) 20151219_210027 (2)Christmas Sock Exchange

Snapchat-867788212316092893 (2)Christmas Decorations

Snapchat-59392801320271879 (3)

Vision Board Station

Snapchat-4965337931137025938 (2)

Snapchat-6631100629321396536 (2)

We even had a photo booth!

20151219_235407 (2)

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  1. CassC · December 29, 2015 CassC

    Love it! Your friend that came up with the sock exchange sound like a genius!

  2. Angel · December 29, 2015 Angel

    You make me proud, love reading your blogs. Keep up the good work friend.

  3. Tito · December 30, 2015 Tito

    This was a great post! I love the quality time that I get to spend with my friends. It’s the best. Can’t wait for the 6 month follow up. I have faith that we will all make progress! Keep up the great bloggin friend!!

  4. Tehran · December 30, 2015 Tehran

    I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!!

  5. Kacie · December 30, 2015 Kacie

    I love this post! Bring on the New Year 🙂

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