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Hello Everyone,

So with this weekend being a prime time for school shopping, I thought I’d stop in and share a little tip. We usually have a school supply drive at my job so of course I headed to the goodwill to see what I could find. As I’ve stated before many items at the Goodwill come from Target this includes school supplies. Shopping for school supplies can get very expensive, so I encourage you guys to check into your local Goodwill first. I mean, who doesn’t want to save a few extra dollars. This year I purchased a lot of items for under $15. Here’s a breakdown of what I purchased.


2 pocket folders 10 for $1 (I purchased 60 folders)                                   $6.00
Pencil Pouch $1.49 (I purchased 1 pouch)                                                $1.49
6 Count Pencil Pack 5 Packs for 59 cent (I purchased 15)                       $1.77
10 count pen pack 2 Packs for 59 cent (I purchased 2)                          $.59
Glue Sticks 2 packs for 59 cent (I purchased 4)                                       $1.18

Total: $11.03



Thanks for Reading, Mo


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